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STRADIVALENKI is the classics that smile to you!

You love classical music? Tunes by Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Vivaldi are something you can’t live without? - WE CAN’T EITHER!!! We live in Russia and Russian folk songs are our treasure? - WE BELIEVE SO TOO!!! Piazzolla and Gardel wrote tangos not only for those who live in Latin America - WE PLAY THEM TOO!!!
Our group is a live realization of the idea and genre of crossover! 4 virtuoso violin, accordion, piano and double-bass players are like 4 roads meeting at a crossroad of timbres, styles, moods and even tastes.

We play music you no doubt love to hear and we love to play, in a way that you feel - the classics can smile too! The more so that we live in Russia, a country where one can’t survive without sense of humor. With self-irony and respect to the authors we looked for something of our own in every theme. Our repertoire is just what we have found.

It is no accident that the name of our quartet combines two words that are incompatible at the first glance: Stradivari, the name of the master, who created the standard of modern violin, and "valenki" - a traditional kind of woolen boots, that’s considered one of the symbols of Russia. Our aim is to find a compromise between the elitist and the heartfelt!

We will be happy to share with everyone the pleasure we get on the stage.

STRADIVALENKI quartet - You will smile with us!

Download “Stradivalenki” quartet rider (*.doc).